Hello 2015

Its a new year and it gives me the opportunity to start fresh...not to look back at my failures but to pick myself up out of the ashes and just begin anew. I won't lie 2014 was a failure for me in so many respects and I need to force myself not to dwell on it to much but rather focus on all the good that did happen. Its hard cause I have that little voice in myself that keeps reminding me about all that I never accomplished last year but honestly if I have to look back I did manage to do so much! 

I completed 6 collections for the scrapbooking industry, I started selling my Digital Designs in a NEW Store, I moved to a new better lovelier home, I actually unpacked ALL MY BOXES within 6 months...woot! These are my personal accomplishments but my Husband started a NEW Branch for his Wine Filtration Business and he is having such success, within 6 months he made his targets - So so proud of him. My kids started at a NEW school and they both acclimated wonderfully and even have some really good friends in the neighborhood, I am so happy to see them grow and become happy individuals. 

So yes considering that I think 2014 is not that bad and I can let it go everything I never managed to do.

As for 2015 I realized I needed to re-prioritize and learn to set boundaries and limits on what I can achieve because believe you me I think I can do it all lol till reality settles in, I do tend to over commit and at the end of this year I was so depressed and constantly in tears resenting my never ending to do list...I am so not going there again!

So lets welcome 2015 with open arms and just start fresh, it's going to be a great year!